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Countdown to the Montreal Protocol... LINK for more info

Freon is being banned from all air-conditioning systems on Jan.1, 2020. The environmental treaty called the Montreal Protocol has been approved and signed by 194 countries. Alternative air-conditioning technologies are now motivated by international efforts to decrease ozone depletion and global warming. Our units require No Freon and No compressor which provides a longer lifespan with less scheduled maintenance and can produce unparalleled savings in energy usage. This is the only technology known for its replacement. Cool Sound Industries introduces a breakthrough in Air-conditioning & Heating to meet efficiency and environmental standards worldwide.

FOX NEWS ARTICLE - latest news on the air-conditioning industry and the banning of Freon. click here to read article

Cool Sound Industries, Inc. introduces a technological revolution in air-conditioning,

heating and refrigeration and it's GREEN....Consider a technology that .....

  • Eliminates the use of Freon and other environmentally damaging gases

  • Is a comprehensive solution to stop the continued use of these gases

  • Allows for design in climate control systems without costly compressors

  • Has the potential for substantial energy savings

  • Can be designed to operate on solar generated power sources

  • Operates maintenance free well beyond the life cycle of conventional technology

  • Maintains constant temperature and does not cycle on and off

  • Uses a small solar panel sensitive to sunlight and uses the power grid only when necessary

    Q. What technology can make these claims confidently?
    A. Thermoacoustic Technology!


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