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The Venture

Cool Sound Industries, Inc. is engaged in a development effort to commercialize a new line of environmentally safe air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration equipment not dependent upon the ozone-destroying or planet-warming fluids used by most vapor-compression systems today.

The mandated prohibition on continued use of current refrigeration gases has pressured the industry to develop and adopt replacement technologies before the year 2020. Cool Sound Industries, Inc. has technology required to meet the world's future needs in cooling and heating without refrigeration gases.

This new technology is based on the use of sound waves instead of the traditional cooling and heating technologies that depend upon chemical refrigerants. The technology can reduce your energy usage from the power grid and operate on solar during daylight hours when cooling demands are usually the highest.

I should emphasize this revolutionary form of air-conditioning and heating can produce unparalleled savings in energy usage due to the absence of a compressor. These units require no Freon or CFCs and have no wearing parts or lubrication needs. This will provide a longer life with less scheduled maintenance. This venture will help the environment, save energy and create hundreds of new jobs.

Our plan is to first establish a fully equipped and staffed thermoacoustic laboratory with pilot production facility and room to expand into full commercial production, starting with a 3-Ton air-conditioning unit or 36,000 BTUs.

Our goal is to focus on new homes and replacement markets within the United States. These markets are estimated to be about $30-Billion a year. We believe we can capture at least 2 percent of the market share within 5 years after mass production of our 3-Ton unit.

After production of the 3-Ton unit is in full development, we then can turn our attention to the design and testing of other applications in the commercial area.

All qualified parties interested in an opportunity to partner with Cool Sound to pursue its GREEN solution to an industry facing imminent change are encouraged to request a confidential business plan for consideration.